A family company with solid roots.

A team with a forward-thinking idea linked to innovation and development of new solutions in the flexible packaging sector.

Inclination towards specialization pushed the company to create a group, founding companies operating in Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia, which share productive and commercial synergies.
The group has an extensive range of machinery to meet the multiple needs of the packaging market.



1956 Foundation

Cartotecnica Veneta S.p.A. was founded in 1956 in San Pietro in Gu’, located between Padua and Vicenza, by a group of Venetian entrepreneurs. The activity began with the purchase of an embossing machine which the company used to take its first steps in the packaging industry in the 1950s and ‘60s.

1970s-’80s Increasing the machinery fleet

The company invested in the first flexo machine in order to enter the flexible packaging industry.
Subsequently, the purchase of a rotogravure machine allowed the company to supply the main Italian and foreign brands in the food industry.

1985 Extrusion line

In order to meet the rising needs of the market, which required high-performance products, Cartotecnica Veneta S.p.A. invested in the purchase of the first extruder. A strategic investment that allowed the company to broaden its product range and define its new identity, by integrating its production lines from printing to extrusion coating.

1989 New extrusion department

The company invested in a new extruder coating department to meet increasing production demands and expanded the machinery in the following years by purchasing another 5-layer extrusion line for the development of high-tech barrier packaging.

1998 Metallization

A new company was founded, specialized in the field of metallization of films and special papers, enabling Cartotecnica Veneta S.p.A. to develop productive and commercial synergies, confirming the dynamism of the company in the flexible packaging sector.

2014 New rotogravure line

Cartotecnica Veneta S.p.A. invested in the purchase of a new 10-color rotogravure line with in-line lamination, which enable the production of high-tech printed complex.

2019 New production site

Cartotecnica Veneta S.p.A. completed the construction of another production site in Carmignano di Brenta (PD) with an adjacent warehouse for raw materials and finished products, serving all production sites.

2021 New flexo line

A new 10-color flexo machine was installed to expand the product range and guarantee customers a reliable and efficient productive backup.

2023 New extrusion line

The machinery is expanding, with the purchase of a tandem extruder for highly specialized products in the food and non-food sectors.

About us

About us

Cartotecnica Veneta S.p.A. has been producing flexible packaging made of paper, aluminum and plastics for over 60 years. It provides the Italian and international market with safe, innovative and environmentally conscious packaging solutions which maintain shelf-life and favour sell-out.

The company constantly invests in improving technology in order to guarantee quality, professionalism and innovation. The know-how, resulting from decades of experience, is a major asset that is shared with customers and new partners to develop innovative solutions and opportunities in new markets.

Continuous research and development is the hallmark of the company, which invests energy and resources in collaboration with partners to improve the performance of packaging for the food and non-food markets.

The technical and sales team are constantly trained and updated to meet new market needs and have a state-of-the-art laboratory with latest equipment for product analysis and control.

The mission

Innovation and research for sustainable solutions.


Printing arts meet materials technology.